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Words and thoughts about Terence Leclere

Being born in Paris, France, living there his first nine years, and then relocating to New York has given performer Terence Leclere's accent an interesting quality. "My natural dialect is hard to place" he says, "though it's definitely not French, it has aspects that keep people guessing". It's true, hearing him speak you might think he's from Europe, or the south, or the east or west coast. This mysterious and diverse quality is very

representative of his body of work.

Terence has studied acting for most of his life, beginning by being mentored by Molly McCarthy, Terence then went on to study at the SUNY Purchase Acting Conservatory, Oberlin College (where he co-taught a class on Meisner there as a freshman) and completing the program at the William Esper Studio. His work, whether music or acting or comedy, has always had cathartic, soul-searching qualities of the caliber of the works he studied. "I now think I got into acting because of truth-searching... acting is the performance art of being in the moment, encompassing all other art forms to find the truth in that moment with your audience and share it, in hopes that this awareness is enough to evoke enlightenment... and it's also an awesome happening to be a part of".

Throughout his early career, TL has written and performed music, for various bands and solo projects. "For a lot of my songs, immediacy was the key element to getting them down. So I ended up with a lot of very rough recordings. What was important to me was to get the melody, words or whatever words were there, and most importantly the feel down. I was always more into the feel of a performance of a song, like what is the performer going through at the exact moment they are capturing this song". This philosophy is present in a lot of his earlier recordings, whether they be the soaring voice and epic space of his harmonium in Ric Veda, or even in the methods his earlier electronic etudes were, mistakes and all. TL continues to write and perform music, in various genres ranging from folk to rock to electronic. [see the MUSIC page]

After studying at the Second City Training Center, Terence found the missing component to what he sought in acting. "A key instinct in acting is to work with your lines, because it's the most apparent thing you are given, but really what makes acting so special is the moment to moment discovery of what happens between the lines, which is the only thing you are 'given' in improv. The combination of working with these two elements makes one fascinating to watch." 

"I started Ric Veda when i really got into meditation and Indian spirituality, around 2001-2002. It started out as me learning harmonium and then making indian bhajans or chants up, and then gradually using the harmonium as my primary instrument and making folk songs with it." Terence ended up playing harmonium with a lot of people. Creating both an equal mix of experimental and accessible music in groups such as s@d bastard, Ric Veda, the Spaceship Martini and others. His love of the moment and truth in story telling is again apparent in his performance with all of these projects.

"The thing with Girl Songs" he says "is that to me it started as an experiment in audience communication. When I'm playing a song that everyone knows, then the audience and I are immediately on the same page. So then the game becomes about us discovering the song together, and live discovery in itself is theater." Why girl songs? "Girl songs are for the most part more beautiful than guy songs. They put you in mood of openness and hope for love that male sung songs don't usually do... at least the girl songs I pick. There's also something really fun about sincerely singing what a lot of these girl songs are about, which are really intense requests for love and demands for attention... also they are catchy as hell and they stick with you all of your life." It's true, a lot of the girl songs Terence sings are songs this writer remembers having first time "experiences" to... "that's part of the game; the ultimate special effects/production house is in the audience's mind. Give the audience the tools to play around in there, and you give them the chance to create for themselves the best show in town, which is all about love and appreciation for their life."