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"He's the Tom Cruise of immersive theatre" - Darren Lynn Bousman

"Bringing Immersive Home: An Exclusive Interview with the Mind Behind Metaforyou";
"Terence Leclere disguising the mesmerizing level of vulnerability in his eyes with a facade of leading-man bravado";
A recollection through the immersive Tension Experience featuring Terence

The Verge:
Terence featured in a review of Cloak & Dagger Festival

No Proscenium:
Terence talks with Noah Nelson about his company #metaforyou and immersive interactive theater on the No Proscenium Podcast; also:
"...the quick-witted cast rose to the occasion. Their improv skills encouraged participants to question and investigate as much as they liked — they were never out of their depth. What’s more, they frequently turned the spotlight back on the audience, noting their mood, their willingness or unwillingness to engage... With talent of this caliber drawing the audience in, it was impossible to stay on the sidelines." About immersive interactive improv ensemble work

Stage Raw:
chilling, climactic”, “otherworldly

LA Weekly:
mordantly hilarious”, “a soulful standout

Terence Leclere’s (Metaforyou) turn as French playboy Lukas appears over the top at first, but suddenly crystallizes as the night progresses into much greater clarity.

gifted”, “hilarious”, “totally owning the role

Hollywood Fringe:
"Of note, I could have stared into the Anthony Perkins-like glare of Terence Leclere all night long."

"fully present", "excellent"

"hilarious and memorable"; "Terence Leclere conveys a perfectly discerning delicacy and empathic angst…” & “Leclere also has a weird, but ultimately compelling Dan Aykroyd kind of vibe that we really dig."

"pricelessly funny"

The Huffington Post:
"I can see his courage... as he stands on the stage, speaking a truth that might seem on the surface embarrassing..., but under the embarrassment, is the story of connection and longing for shared experience. That’s what his story was about: how, inside our solitary hearts, we all share in each other’s shame and pleasure, pain and joy."

A.V. Club:
"painfully cute"

"Leclere is so convincing as the sexy German that I had to stay after the performance to verify that he is indeed a New Yorker and not auf Deutchland"

Best Actor award in the Television category of the 2011 LA Movie Awards